Port Brewing Company

Fra www.portbrewing.com:

In March of 2006, Vince and Gina, along with two new partners, Tomme Arthur (then Pizza Port’s director of brewing operations) and Jim Comstock, founded Port Brewing Company and acquired the old Stone Brewing facility in San Marcos. Shortly thereafter Tomme turned the Pizza Port family brewing reins over to Carlsbad head brewer Jeff Bagby and left to head brewing operations full time at the new Port Brewing Company.

Today Port Brewing continues at the vanguard of craft brewing, ranked as one of the top 10 new breweries in the nation by both industry experts and enthusiasts alike. Brewing capacity has nearly doubled since 2006, and the company’s 800-plus oak bourbon, brandy, sherry, and wine barrels comprise one of the most remarkable barrel-aging programs for a craft brewery of any size. Distribution has also expanded to major cities and metropolitan areas throughout the country, allowing beer lovers to now enjoy fresh brewed Port products from coast to coast. (If your region doesn’t yet have our brews, don’t worry, we’re adding new distribution all the time.)

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